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  Science Laboratories, Inc. goal to handle in High-tech, Advanced, Unique and Specialty products. Our major customers are Governmental Universities, Governmental Laboratories and Commercial Company Laboratories. We have well known a lot of key scientists for Scientific Physics / Chemical Fields.

Even since it was founded in April 1981, Science Laboratories , Inc. has been importing sophisticated products featuring the very latest technologies from nation such as the USA , Canada , Netherlands , Germany and England and delivering then to establishments such as University ,National Research Laboratory or Institute and Private Laboratory . We Science laboratories, Inc. is a small company , but it is dedicated To high-tech products that can be characterized by its highly concentrated know-how.

  It is a company that is endowed with experience based upon trust that has been built up Over many years and skilled technological capabilities ; it is a venture company that has won the trust and faith the clients with high value technological standards the have received the highest appraisals.

  The clients of our products it handle includes such prestigious educational institutions as Tokyo Univ. , Osaka Univ. , Kyoto Univ. , Tohoku Univ. , Kyusyu Univ. , Tokyo Institute of Technology , Keio Univ. and the national laboratories it serves included the Laboratories under the Agency of Industrial Science and technology of the Ministry of International trade and Industry under the science and technology Agency ; while it is Also known in industrial circles , Serving as it does institutions in the private sector such as Sony , Toshiba , Panasonic , Sharp , Toyota Motors , Honda Motors Etc,.

  Science Laboratories, Inc. wishes to seek out outstanding products of manufactures around the world and market them to users in Japan. The company is looking forward to expanding its business activities into products for fields such as Nano-technology , Bio-technology , Surface Analysis equipments , Lasers and Electronics equipments.

  We cordially call on anyone or any company that has outstanding products , it wish to market in Japan , or that wishes to provide consulting services to Japan to contact us.

Contact Person : Akiyoshi Otsu (President)
e-mail : otsu#scilab.co.jp
*If you send e-mail, please change # into @.
Tel : +81-47-309-8311 Fax : +81-47-309-8310

7-10-25 Koganehara, Matsudo, Chiba, 270-0021, Japan


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